At Pam Africa, we offer tailored training packages which range from corporate procedural security training to individual specialist training for private security teams and government groups. Our training packages utilize a bilateral approach, providing the advice, tools, and experience to increase confidence, and high-level training to promote structural awareness.We also offer tailored packages for country-specific situational awareness, risk assessment, and management processes, and focused training on areas such as evacuation planning or communications and response.


We help you devise an appropriate evacuation strategy so that in the event of a crisis, you are armed with guidelines to follow for a quick and efficient response that prioritizes the safety of your personnel.

- Conditions requiring an evacuation

- When to shelter-in-place rather than evacuate

- A clear chain of command

- Specific emergency evacuation plan procedures

- Specific evacuation procedures for mining operations and construction sites

- Procedures to assist visitors and employees to evacuate

- Designation of who will remain after the evacuation alarm to shut down critical operations or perform other duties

- A way to account for all visitors and employees after an

- evacuation Special equipment for your emergency evacuation plan

- Road and Airlift evacuation plan procedures 


Pam Africa offers consultancy services and training packages designed to support and equip organizations with the skills needed to operate safely, securely, and sustainably. Before implementing new security measures, you need to understand your vulnerabilities, as well as the risks and threats you may face.

Our consulting service begins with a risk assessment to identify both internal and external areas of concern. Our team of security experts will help you devise a plan so you can be prepared to avoid unpleasant surprises and mitigate risks when they occur.


High-net-worth individuals and businesspeople can be exposed to a variety of security risks. Understanding the threat of violent crime, civil unrest, terrorism, and Africa's never-ending political instability, we provide vetted, trained, and accredited personnel to mitigate security risks. All of Pam Africa's tasks conform to international best practices and are tailored to suit the needs of the clients we serve.

For either international travel or domestic operations, we ensure conditions are assessed, adequate reconnaissance is applied, operational communications and response procedures are maintained, and all operations are tracked and monitored from our 24-hour operations.


From International Corporations to small independent NGOs, all organizations have a duty of care to their staff. We ensure procedural, physical, and technical elements are streamlined in our production of operating procedures, business continuity plans, and training services, which are all aligned with industry best practices.

Pam Africa's experienced local and international security managers are equipped with the skills needed to support our client's operational requirements. Personnel is assigned based on site-specific security requirements.


Pam Africa ensures strict supply-chain compliance, standards, and integrity, through the formalized management of contractors and third-party vendors. Our established network of vetted individuals and organizations allows us to consistently deliver successful results against complex tasks in challenging environments in Africa.

Through our strict and auditable process for subcontracting and outsourcing of activities, functions, and operations, we establish, document, communicate and monitor compliance. This process has increased efficiency, operational capabilities, and compliance throughout our supply chain.