Joe is a highly versatile and accomplished security professional with experience in the areas of security management, close protection, crisis management, risk assessment, emergency management, asset protection, and security training. He has extensive military experience in working with the South African Defenses Force, handling responsibilities of Special Forces operator and reconnaissance operator. He also has experience in training the Angolan Armed Forces FAA (Forces Armadas Angolanos) in military tactics and relevant operations. During the course of his career, he gained significant exposure in advising and assisting with protection details in coordinating all coalition support elements during national and international movements, such as airport, motorcade escorts, and force protection at venues.

His main areas of expertise include:

Operations management | System command control | Security operations | Resource allocation for protection | Unit performance | Security policies | Mentoring | Risk assessment of venues | Escorting clients | Security plan analysis | Training and deployment of personnel | Eliminating security hazards

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