Andre Pienaar

Andre has 30 years of experience in the field, and as a consultant in weapons training, tactical warfare, surveillance, anti-poaching, emergency medical care, and security in both the military and the private sector. He is the founder and CEO of a successful conservation company, with expertise in wildlife and other commodities such as minerals and mining equipment. The nature of his work, combined with his knowledge of African and Arab cultures has given him a leading edge in networking with both private and government sectors in Africa and the Middle East.

Andre is registered with the private security regulating authority in South Africa and

qualified to work and train in:

Cash in transit robbery prevention | Tactical and medical response | Firearms handling | Special events shielding | Retail security | Key point installation defense |Biosecurity | Survival and Bushcraft |


• 1990-1993: South African Defense Force, Border protection

• 1994-1996: Medical training

• 1997-2000: Conservation and anti poaching

• 2001-2007: Consulting and training in East and Southern Africa

• 2010-2012: Government project in UAE, Libya

• 2013: Expeditions in Liberia

•2021: Recently involved with ISIS conflict in Oman, Northern Mozambique