Intelligence Security Systems

Intelligence Security Systems is a multi-use software solution and analysis system specifically developed for corporate business intelligence, risk and security management and brand management – globally. It serves as a single secure live intelligence portal for your entire organization and does not require specialized or supporting software.

Used by commercial and government organizations, risk and security specialists,Intelligence Security Systems is a  highly powerful turnkey utility for sourcing, monitoring, managing  and disseminating key risk metrics to better manage businesses,  people, brands and assets.


The use of our platform allows for unique insights into social and digital media worldwide in over 187 languages across most social media platforms and over 300 million websites. We will analyze and provide early alert information on risks that face your people, company or products. See what is happening or what risks your company or organization faces based on terms monitored - in Realtime - for either people, places, products or keywords. This means you know what is happening as it happens and are able to take corrective or mitigating actions.

Intelligence Security Systems to monitor health risk – COVID-19 – and the pandemic’s true effect on countries, communities, businesses and brands.


- Government and political stability

- Health and safety

- Security

- Economy

- Social stability


- Provide travel risk information to assist you to manage local and  international corporate travel. This will assist you to deal with  both the perception and reality  that there are increased risks to

- Employees and business operations  around the world. Employees are at greatest risk when  traveling. Having a comprehensive  and proactive travel risk management  program can enhance productivity,  bring peace of mind and possibly  save lives.


- Demographics of the client market Sentiment

- Location analysis

- Topic clouds to understand  what is being said

- The detail of what is being said

- Actor or influencer analysis to  determine top influencers Timeline comparisons or competition  comparisons – how are they doing

- In terms of activity, sentiment or mentions (likes, forwarding, virility of  messages) compared to competition  or previous period.